Welcome to Tumbling Dice. I make figurines and models in Tin (Pewter) and larger items in Lead/Tin alloys designed to be used as games pieces. Some very large models are produced in Resin. All pieces are produced to the highest quality and historical accuracy. The choice of scale is important as the size of models can restrict the type of game played. The items are produced in scales that can be used for the largest battles of the period, and still be recognised as an individual design mark or variant.


Wings at War  is a series of wargames rules for recreating air combat using 1/600th scale aircraft models.

Each set of rules is for a specific conflict or campaign, with games designed to last around one or two hours. As the sky tends to be a lot less cluttered than the ground, games can be set up quickly and fewer models are required - making for a cheaper night out.

Any number of people can play. As the victory target is dependent on the size of a force, opposing sides don't have to be equally balanced, a smaller or less sophisticated mix of planes can defeat a larger or more advanced enemy by reaching their (lower) victory target first.

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